A Light On Joe Sumner’s Interview

This might be a bit shocking or odd for some people that the famous musician Joe Sumner is not comfortable with his family name. He is a well-known person who has a very good fan base and has traveled around the world for more than three decades. He is also the fiction planes bass player, songwriter or lyricist. Many might think that a child having issues with the father is very natural. This man has a very good musical knowledge, and even the latest CD from the fiction plane is completely wrapped with the smart lyrics and killer tunes that cannot be ignored easily. The tight transitions and the attractive hooks are the added advantages of his music. Some of the highlights of the interesting answers provided by Joe in his recent interviews are given below.

When he was asked about the long time gaps between the records, he replied that it has been around eight years since he released an album in the US. He told that they are quite famous in Europe, so they hired a European manager and all was going well till a French record label started to do some weird stuff for money. They stated that the label was no more after they completed the entire record. Then, they had to meet Roadrunner a good label in Europe who concentrates on the hard rock music. And, Joe is a person who does not believe in the label that uses a particular genre of music alone. Finally, they have found a way to reach the US.

When the question was posed about the song, he added that this song will urge people to stay what they are and do not care about the other people’s idea about your life. This song has a lot of magic hidden it. He told that after the failure of the record that was mentioned earlier he moved to LA had four kids and this kept him busy. Later, everything started to fall in the right place again. A new guy who loved the band very much made this miracle happen again by bringing the band together. He asked to create a demo and gave 500 bucks.

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