Donald Trump Attracts a Broad Spectrum of GOP Voters

As billionaire businessman Donald Trump extends his lead in the race of Republican presidential elections, he keeps bucking the party establishment and also co-founds the predictions of the imminent downfall.

His success in the race has not come from simply being an outsider but from being a fiercely anti-establishment that rails against the existing government and also institutions that he expects to lead. It is a freewheeling style that has been made possible by Trump as he loose ties to the concept of political ideology.

A political science professor, David W. Rohde at Duke University stated that he is not bound by the ideology in a conventional sense. Trump is not just a tea party constitutionalist or any pro-business Republican or a government conservative. The presentation is that each one in the government is quite evil or incompetent, and if we give the power to Trump, he will definitely make things fine. It is the presentation of these ideas that had led to his success. These are nothing but coupling his views along with a lot of ridicule and anger that a part of the Republican Party feels appealing.

Now, a lot many people find the same not appealing, added Rohde. Trump has gained 27 percent of a Quinnipiac University poll that was released lately while it has 24 percent in a survey that was released in the last month.

Trump has bested the competition along several Republicans that include the voters who claim themselves as the tea party, moderate, liberal or extremely conservative. As per the poll, he has won among both men and women who vote for the Republican.

The voters who have described themselves to be somewhat conservative have broken the trend to back Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio over Trump, 26% to 25%.

Trump was tied up with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas at 24 percent support from the Republicans who recognized themselves as evangelical voters. The Republican registered the widespread fame notwithstanding repeated flaps over his inciting rhetoric and antics.

Last month, Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon ran a close second to Trump. He plummeted to the third position in the latest poll in the middle of doubts regarding his ability to escort on foreign policy and tackle terrorism.

Rubio was in the second place scoring 17 percent, as per the recent survey. Of the voters, some had the main issues as jobs and economy, and the others had the main issues that are related to terrorism. Trump witnessed a double digit lead, but the voters who named the overseas policy as the main issue preferred Rubio over Donald Trump.