Orthodontic Treatment Time


Treatment time varies greatly depending on individual patient requirements – including, but not limited to – age, complexity of treatment, patient expectations, patient health, patient cooperation, missed appointments and broken appliances. Treatment time with braces could require from 10 to 12 months out to 20 to 36 months. Each treatment plan and time to treat are reviewed at the start of treatment and then periodically thereafter. Depending on patient physiologic response time, health, diet, and cooperation, treatment may be accelerated.orthodontic treatment


Most often stainless steel bands are placed on the molars and stainless steel brackets are placed on all other teeth. Brackets and bands constitute “Braces”. Clear or ceramic brackets which match tooth color may be selected for the anterior teeth.

EARLY TREATMENT – Juvenile and Pre-Teens.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that the first orthodontic evaluation be done by age 7 years.

In most instances, treatment is not immediately necessary, and annual evaluations of growth and development are wise.

Any treatment required in children in this age range is termed Interceptive Treatment and is usually of short – 8 to 12 months – duration. However, some pre-teens have replaced all their primary teeth with their permanent dentition and treatment is longer in duration and could be considered the first phase of at least two phases of treatment.orthodontics

ADOLESCENT TREATMENT – Puberty to Late Teens.

Usually consist of a single phase of treatment, but may be provided in two separate phases or time periods.

Nearly all treatment is provided using stainless steel appliances.

Adult patients have the same choices of brackets as adolescent patients with the additional option of gold brackets, rather than stainless steel. Adult treatment may take longer than it would take for an adolescent, or teen age, patient. The number of specific cells available to remove bone and to form new bone decreases with age. Personal nutrition and general health are extremely important.

ADULT TREATMENT – Aesthetic Related Options.
Adults who have less serious problems or concerns may want to use the invisible tray system which consists of a series of clear, custom designed, removable trays used to correct minor tooth alignment problems in both the anterior and posterior teeth. This option is the most expensive of the treatments.

The FAAB Technique, or Fast Acting Adult Braces, could be a choice for those patients active in “people contact” positions. Conventional, clear or stainless steel brackets are used. Treatment is focused on only those anterior teeth which need cosmetic or aesthetic adjustments. This treatment is useful prior to the placement of anterior crowns or veneers. Invisible retainers are used to stabilize the finished treatment, i.e. a retainer cemented behind the anterior teeth. Treatment is usually completed in 6-10 months and cost is a fraction of the invisible or clear tray treatment.

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