Thom Yorke Of Radiohead’s Comparison

Thom Yorke, the famous frontman of the Radiohead, has accused that the YouTube is stealing that art like the Nazis did at the time of WWII. They are accusing the same with the parent company Google too. He told this to a reputed Italian newspaper named La Repubblica. He added that it was just like the other countries even the English who were stealing the other countries riches and art at the time of war. There is no difference between both the acts. He also urged people to stop using YouTube and start finding the music through the online music shops.

He highlighted that YouTube is putting advertisements before or in-between the musicals or videos that are broadcasted by them, and there is no money or a very small amount of money paid to the owner of the particular video. Even though there are apps that will allow the viewers to skip the advertisements, YouTube makes a great deal of money through this method. In fact, the YouTube does is fine with all these type of activities but they have told that using the apps like adblockers is not a good practice. Yorke has also told that the YouTube people do not find it odd that they are making money by putting commercials before the video content and making loads of money without paying the share to the artists in the video. But they oppose using the apps that allow people to skip commercials.

This does not make any point. It clearly shows that the YouTube is not ready to accept the activity in which there is no profit for the company. When Yorke was questioned about the ways through which the musicians can gain profits he replied that he does not have any idea of it, but there are many people who are making a profit from the other people’s work without giving the right share for the creators. He also said that in this era many think that music and cinema are free, but the truth is the service providers are making a lot of money out of it.

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