White House Says it will Prohibit Obamacare Repeal Bill

Senate Republicans swiped away President Obama’s prohibit threat and forged forward with a fast-track bill in order to unwind his signature health care law and defund the Planned Parenthood for a year. This happened though the Democrats stated that the GOP would pay a weighty price for the same at the polls in 2016.

A final vote was likely to take place late Thursday after the Senate dealt with a slew of amendments including the one from Republicans that would re-establish the health plans that the consumers lost when the Affordable Care Act came into effect in the last year. It is a direct rebuke to Obama’s flawed assurance that people who liked the plans can keep them under this specific law.

This bill strips the federal funding from the Planned Parenthood in the midst of videos that show organization officials bargaining the sale of the fetal body parts.

Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader, Kentucky Republicans stated that it not too late for the Democratic colleagues to join us in order to create a bridge to better care. This is their chance and the chance of President Obama to start to make adjust for the pain and the hurt that they have caused for the broken assurances, for the failures, and the higher costs.

Though the Democrats vowed to make the Republicans compensate a political price that includes forcing a vote on bringing back money for the Planned Parenthood. Sen. Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat whose adjustment would set up a finance to add further security at the health clinics amidst the post-Thanksgiving shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic.

The Republicans are following a budget process called reconciliation that lets them pass a bill that is revenue related by a majority vote without having to defeat the Democratic-led filibusters that had doomed the previous Obamacare repeal. The bill will die at the president’s hands who vowed to refuse the bill in a statement that was issued by the White House. Though Obama will dismiss the bill, the GOP witnesses it as a test run for the year 2017, when they scrap the law for good along with a Republican president and a very slim Senate majority.

Meanwhile, the GOP lawmakers stated that Obama along with his Democratic associates should be held responsible for the health care law. The Republican leaders would have had to customize their bill to get a mass support. They had a beefed up version that would phase put the exchange subsidies of the law for the private plans and the growth of Medicaid in some states. This was designed in order to win the backing of the Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ted Cruz of Texas.