Yard And Pest Control Services

Looking for vegetation control, rodent control, a grass mowing service or a professional mosquito spray service for your commercial or industrial property? Trust the professionals. Take a moment and call our experts at for a free and friendly estimate today.pest control

About Us
We opened business in 1994. We’re in our 2nd generation of local ownership. We specialize in a wide assortment of outdoor ground services for a variety of industrial customers including mine sites, municipalities, industrial sites, and other larger commercial areas. More info here @ https://jenkinspest.com/pest-control/

Industrial Services  Include:
• Mosquito control  with professional mosquito spray
• Vegetation control and management
• Hydroseeding
• Industrial lawn mowing service
• Rodent control

Mosquito Control for San Antonio and Surrounding Areas
Trust the professionals at Yard Master to administer mosquito control. We’ll create a professional mosquito spray plan to eliminate mosquitoes from your commercial or industrial grounds.

Vegetation Control
With over 23 years of experience under our belt, we are the area’s leader in vegetation control and management. After careful research, we’ll assess your vegetation control needs and create an individual plan to rid your grounds of noxious, invasive weeds and unwanted greenery.


 we have the equipment and know-how for hydroseeding large or small sites in a variety of commercial settings. Hydroseeding is a mixture of mulch and seeds and is an excellent seeding alternative for industrial sites. Contact our experts today for more details.

Industrial Grass Mowing Service

Major construction sites, municipalities, and mines will achieve greater lawn control results with the Yard Master professional lawn mowing service. Call us for a free and fair estimate.

Rodent Control
To rid your grounds of rodents and other pests, our company employs an Integrated Pest Management approach that includes:
• Monitoring your environment to pinpoint your pest problem
• Determine the variety of tactics and pesticides best suited for your individual issue
• Focus on preventive measures to limit future pest and rodent infestation

In a nutshell, this means we thoroughly analyze and assess your surroundings to determine the optimal course of action for a rodent control plan that will eliminate bothersome vermin and keep them away long-term.

Licensed and Certified
We are compliant and boasts an extremely safe work history. Our skilled specialists are licensed and trained. Our experts that are trained to apply pesticides have the proper applicators licenses through the government.

Quality Products
We take pride in our quality of work and cater to our customers’ satisfaction. We use only the highest quality products  to stay ahead of the trends, we are constantly researching, testing and adapting to new products to offer our customers the latest in industrial site ground management.

We are pleased to offer our services in vegetation control, professional mosquito spray, grass mowing service, rodent control and more for a wide variety of industrial sites, mines, municipalities