You Are Never Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment

You are never too old for orthodontic treatment! We are often asked if it is possible for adults to have orthodontic treatment. The good news is that the teeth will straighten essentially the same in children and adults and that the braces will not interfere with an adult lifestyle. In fact, orthodontic problems can and should be corrected in adults who were not privileged to have orthodontic care in childhood.orthodontics

Orthodontic problems become worse if left untreated and tooth loss can ultimately occur if some problems are left untreated. The cost of orthodontic treatment is often less than the cost to treat the more serious dental problems which result in later years because of the original orthodontic problems.

Adult patients seek orthodontic treatment in our office for several different reasons:

Esthetics: An attractive smile can help enhance self-esteem and self-confidence which can make a positive difference at work, school, and in the community. The public is more aware than ever of the advantages to be gained from an attractive smile. You should not feel vain in desiring a nice, esthetic smile.

Health: Crooked teeth are harder to clean. This makes the gum tissue susceptible to gum disease and the teeth prone to more decay. Straight teeth are definitely healthier teeth.

Function: Teeth which are crowded, spaced, protruding, or misaligned do not usually function or meet the way that they should. This can result in excessive wear of the teeth, deterioration of the supporting bone and gum tissue or stress on the joints.

Comfort: Misaligned teeth and jaw joints can cause pain and discomfort in the form of dental pain as well as numerous temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.

Stability: Teeth that are well aligned can be stabilized so that the teeth are less susceptible to shifting and “re-crowning”.

The good news is that orthodontic treatment has never been easier, more efficient, or more comfortable than now. The advanced techniques and materials we currently use have greatly reduced the discomfort of treatment as well as the overall treatment time and frequency of office visits. Be sure to ask us about “Mini” braces, invisible braces, clear braces, removable appliance treatment, Computer imaging, heat-activated wires and the other advancements now available for our patients.orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment not only straightens crooked teeth but it also plays an important role in the improvement of overall oral health. Our goal is to achieve balance and harmony between the teeth and other facial structures. We also want to help you reduce your chances of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

As you consider the cost of orthodontic treatment you should consider the benefits of this lifelong investment; a healthier and more attractive smile. We have many adult patients who now enjoy the substantial benefits of an attractive and healthy smile from their orthodontic treatment. They have said that their orthodontic treatment was the best investment they have ever made in themselves.

Unlike anything else you buy to improve your appearance, your new smile can last a lifetime!